Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Millau Viaduct - Michel Virlogeux & Norman Foster

The world's tallest bridge, an unusual enough accolade: the cable-stayed Millau Viaduct by British Architect Norman Foster, opened in 2004, spanning the Tarn River in France's southwest.

LINKS: Millau Viaduct - Nicolas Janberg's Stucturae
Millau Viaduct - Wikipedia

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Anonymous Robin Capper said...

Did you see recent megastructure doco on the building of this? They built the piers then slid the road deck out over them. It was interesting to see how it was done.

3 May 2006, 23:27:00  
Blogger Jose Pedro Naisser said...

Message to great Designer.
Michel Virlogeux.

Congratulation for your construction to Viaduct Milleu in France, is a very important to Tourism,and Preservation to Environment, Nature and Life.
Mr.Michel i have one great project for to save to nature and Life, for to finish to Wars in the World, i need to help me to your friends to project Milleu Viaduct is a very important to my Project, i have a new blogger today.

Jose pedro Naisser.


17 May 2006, 11:35:00  

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