Friday, 14 October 2005

'Peter Rabbit: Tank Killer'

This 'children's' story is hilarious. 'Written' by both Beatrix Potter and Sven Hassell (now there's a writing team made in heaven) it comes with a hat tip to Sir Humph, who points out quite accurately that the tank has been misattributed. Fancy that. I fancy that the 'Panzerfaust' also looks more like a bazooka ... but only a pedant would point that out. It's not the only thing about it that's decidely odd.

Print it out and read it to your kids tonight. They'll thank you for it later.


  1. Hahaha, I just printed it out and will give it to my son, the Rabbit's namesake, to read it for himself!

  2. Excellent, Hong. :-)

    Perhaps you could follow up with an entire set of Sven Hassells? No, maybe not. ;^)

  3. So Peter Rabbit was defending the Third Reich? :-)

  4. " So Peter Rabbit was defending the Third Reich? :-)"

    A yes, a conspiracy theory. Clearly, the author intended Peter R. to be fighting the Third Reich: Peter shoots Tiger tank in the text, not T34. But the artist clearly had other ideas, showing him wearing a German helmet, and shooting a Russian tank with an American bazooka. Maybe Sven Hassel drew the pictures?

    Franky, I think there's much more to this story.

  5. "Perhaps you could follow up with an entire set of Sven Hassells? No, maybe not. ;^) "

    Judging by the titles of his tales ("SS Death Bastard Regiment"???), I need to scan them first myself. ;-)

  6. Robert Winefield14 Oct 2005, 16:22:00

    Maybe this quote from "Comrades Of War" will tell you all you need to know about Sven's work. I did find them amusing once long ago.

    (Tiny at the whorehouse in Hamburg.)

    Hello girls, here I am again. Hot as hell. My balls are boiling. I love you. Let's get something to drink in a hurry, and then we'll go to the bunks according to good custom when decent people meet.


  7. Yes, I know. This will definitely not pass the censorship of my household (that is me :-)). Peter the Tank Killer is a borderline case. It passed only becasue the pictures are too cute!


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