Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Dealing with Iran

If there is an Axis of Evil, then the Locus of Evil must surely be Tehran. As The Times notes, "it's no coincidence" that the latest suicide bombing in Israel followed renewed Iranian threats to destroy Israel, and new threats to unleash an army of suicide bombers on the West.

Whatever the arguments about what the US should do about Iranian missile-rattling and whether a war against them be averted, Robert Tracinscki argues that the West is already at war with Tehran, "and that Iran is the central enemy we have to defeat if we are going to win the War on Terrorism."
If America's failure to act against the comparatively minor threat from Bin Laden in the 1990s resulted in the horrors of September 11, we can expect far worse if we fail to act against Iran... There can be no victory in the War on Terrorism until we confront—and defeat—the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is the real war, and it's time we started fighting it.
Read his argument here. And notice that philosopher Leonard Peikoff has been saying this since 1997, back when Clinton was still in the White House.
Iran--not Iraq--is the primary threat to American interest in the Middle East and has been since it confiscated our oil fields in the 1950s. Iran is the major sponsor of international terrorism throughout the world and is the country most responsible for lethal attacks on American citizens. For these reasons, Iran fully deserves bloody retribution.
We live in dangerous times, the precise opposite of Helen Clark's "benign defence environment." In such times blinding oneself or wishing things were otherwise is not an option. You have to deal with what is, not what you would like it to be.

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