Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Let's Roll

Get ye to 'United 93' says Daniel Prager about the film depicting the ordeal suffered by United 93 passengers on that morning on September 11, 2001, when they fought for thir lives with Islamic terrorists intent on their death, and with them the destruction of the US Capitol. As we now know, it was a fight the terrorists lost -- but it was a victory with a high price for those who fought it.

People completely unprepared for an airplane flight to become their last hour alive rise to the occasion and save fellow Americans from death and from the humiliation of having their nation's capitol building destroyed.

The only people likely to object to this film are those who don't want Americans to become aware of just how conscienceless, cruel and depraved our enemy is, or those who think that our enemies can always be negotiated with and therefore object to depicting Americans actually fighting back.

Teenage and older children in particular should see this film. If the younger teens have nightmares, comfort them. But young Americans need to know the nature of whom we are fighting...
And they aren't the only ones.

LINK: All Americans must see ‘United 93’ - Daniel Prager, Jewish World Review

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