Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Baring Breasts

It takes a Canadian academic with time on her hands to study the reasons women flash their breasts when their team wins. (Academics: wasting their time so you don't have to.)

So why do girls do it? Oh, I don't know. But the research found that Calgary Flames' fans who bared their breasts after a Stanley Cup win two years ago were: "motivated by a complex set of factors, including a desire to celebrate the Flames victories, a desire to break the rules, feelings of stardom and a sense of history."

"The context was so important," said Mary Valentich, professor emeritus of social work [social work?!] at the University of Calgary. "You just wouldn't necessarily do this elsewhere. It had to be the right kind of setting."
So there you go. Context matters. Accordingly, here's another picture of some breasts. And here's some nude oil wrestling. [Hat tip FleshBot]. Meanwhile, Australian cheerleaders aren't even allowed to expose their navels anymore. Sheesh already.

LINKS: When Calgary Flames fans win we all win - PaulKatcher.Com
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TAGS: Humour, Sex


  1. I don't know - seems a lot more useful than much of the stuff they do. At least people might read it (if only for the pictures).

  2. Regarding Australian Cheerleaders and avoiding children having inferiority complexes:
    "Don't talk to that boy he's cleverer than you!", "Don't play with those kids they are more athletic than you" ... etc


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