Friday, 21 April 2006

Beer O'Clock: Limburg Budvar taste-off

I plan a taste-off tonight between the classic Czech favourite Budvar, and the new local boy making good, the Limburg Czechmate.

It's going to be an awful night. :-)

LINKS: This evening: Budvar - Not PC
Beer O'Clock: Limburg Czechmate Pilsener - Not PC

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  1. Forget the Whig feud, who won the battle of the beers?

  2. Ah yes, a good question. And a most enjoyable battle.

    Compared together the two present as different beers. Like New Zealand cheeses with European names that are fine cheeses in their own right but not really like the name they aspire to, perhaps the Czechmate fits into a similar mould?

    Anyway, the Czechmate had a dirtier nose, and deeper, richer tones than the Budvar, which was crisp, taste-filled and smelled -- as you might say Neil -- of new-mown hay.

    Both are excellent beers; for me the Budvar just pipped the Czechmate.

  3. I am not surprised the Budvar won, a truely fine beer and one of my favourite Czech beers.


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