Friday, 17 February 2006

Beer O'Clock: Limburg Czechmate PiIsener

On the recommendation of some of you lot and the chaps at RealBeer.Co.NZ, I'm just about to crack one of these. I had my first last night, and it's gorgeous. Not really a beer to drink all night -- and you'd need an uncle who owned a bank to be able to in any case; a small bank to be fair -- but it's just perfect for two or three on a summer's afternoon in the garden. Hoppy, with a full flavour and a very dry, bitter finish. (See, you can tell I've been reading those beer websites.) Definitely worth a try.

For some reason, it's a beer that seems to demand some Morricone on the system.

LINKS: Limburg's next move - RealBeer.Co.NZ
Limburg Czechmate Pilsener - Ratebeer.Com


  1. I will have to rough it with a Grolsch or two!

  2. how dare he challenge Emmersons? The sheer effrontery! Must check out the local highway robber of a New World to get some [if its $11.95 at a normal one it will be around $19.95 in Wanaka]

  3. Well done PC. I am glad you enjoyed it... as we at predicted you would!

    Next week, perhaps you should try an Emerson's 1812 IPA...

  4. Some days you get lucky!

    2 dozen Grolsch for $25 at the local supermarket.

    They may not have the greatest variety, but there is always something passable on special (even if it is slightly date-expired)

  5. Slainte mhath PC. A lovely Bohemian Pilsner, amongst all the fruity-hopped "New World Pilsners".
    Hope you enjoyed them.
    The 'Emerson's 1812', that Neil suggests, may be a shock for the tastebuds but it is a superb ale. Probably my desert island beer.


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