Friday, 21 April 2006

Perigo Live

For those looking for something to run past your brain cells over your cornflakes tomorrow morning (Saturday), then turn off Kim Hill (permanently!) and turn on your TV to watch Lindsay Perigo debating Hone Hariwira on TV One's 'Eye to Eye' on the subject of Hone's stupid proposal to try and ban smoking. Should be some fireworks there. That's 'Eye to Eye, TV One, 9:30am Saturday NZT (and again on Tuesday evening).

And if you want to tell him how he went or to tell him where he went wrong, you can catch Perigo again in his regular Sunday afternoon slot on Radio Live from 12-4pm NZT.

UPDATE: Lindsay Mitchell has posted a report on the 'Eye to Eye performance so I don't have to. Ta Lindsay.

LINKS: Radio Live
Hone vs Perigo - Lindsay Mitchell

TAGS: New_Zealand

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  1. That will be well worth a look...;-)


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