Saturday, 21 January 2006

This evening: Budvar

Crisp, light, refreshing. Those Czechs sure do know something about yeast and hops. :-)


  1. It's shaping up for just the sort of days that fine brew was made for!

  2. Better PC - much much better!

    Next you will be drinking great NZ beer!

  3. Next you will be drinking great NZ beer!"

    Great NZ beer? Isn't that an oxymoron? ;^)

  4. Lion Brown
    DB Export Gold
    Lion Red

    'Nuf said...

  5. oswald - lion red for the taste, tui for the ads, Rheineck??? you are joking.

    Macs gold is crisp like budvar.

    Pilsner Urquell is another fine brew if you can handle the after effects. similar to steinlager

  6. Not an oxymoron at all.

    There are many great NZ craft beers (though Mac's Gold is not really one of them...)

    If you liked Budvar, why not try a Speight's Pilsner, a Mac's Wicked Blonde, a Limburg Czechmate Pilsner or an Emerson's Pilsner.

    They are all widely available.

  7. "oswald - lion red for the taste, tui for the ads, Rheineck??? you are joking."



  8. Not bad PC.

    Or, to add to Neil's list, the less-widely available (but worth seeking out):
    * Wanaka Brewski
    * Lighthouse Pilsner
    * Founder's Tall Blonde
    * Galbraith's Bohemian


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