Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Word cloud

Here's a 'Word Cloud' of my blog. Clearly there's been far too many sheep jokes of late around here.
Go here to create your own Word Cloud. [Hat tip Richard Chapple]

UPDATE 1: Just by way of contrast, here's what a Cloud of my Categories looks like, on the right-hand-side of my Del.Icio.Us links page.

UPDATE 2: I should point out that the Word Cloud generator seems to need Explorer to work successfully, so Firefox users who are trying to produce their own Cloud will need to right click and use the 'View this Page in IE' link.

LINK: Create your own Word Cloud - Snapshirts.Com
Not PC's Del.Icio.Us Tags


  1. I don't like scott sex and sheep all following on from each other

  2. I wasn't going to say anything about that!

  3. Don't worry Scott. It also has "ban" and "beer" next to each other and that's not going to happen.


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