Tuesday, 21 February 2006


I've learned something about you lot over the last couple of days. On Saturday I posted one piece on vaginal reconstruction, and immediately above it another on love. Guess which piece rated highest (and is still in the Top Five)? That's right, it wasn't the one in which Cupid was the hero.

Now there's a lesson in that, if I just knew how to find it...

LINKS: The chemistry of love - Not PC
Getting your vag done darling? - Not PC


  1. Robert Winefield21 Feb 2006, 08:53:00

    The lesson may be that NZ blokes don't like to discuss the topic of love and romance in public for fear of having their mojo questioned by their peers.

    That's something that you learn at high-school and is reinforced by contemporary crap-music & the culture that has spun off from it (or is it the other way around - I forget.)

  2. Robert Winefield21 Feb 2006, 19:25:00

    One other possibility:

    The article was too long - not in words but in how far you had to scroll to read it. Maybe increasing the width of the body text column (lot of white space on the right hand side) might help make longer postings more readable?


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