Friday, 10 February 2006

Herald spins for Helen


Speaking of spin and scapegoating, as I was earlier today, The Herald has helped Helen out on the issue of overspending by asking completely neutral and utterly impartial Victoria University political lecturer Jon Johansson to give them an afternoon headline on this issue. Says the ever-obliging Johansson: "Alleged overspending by the Labour Party showed ..." What do you think he says it showed:
a) that Labour Party President Mike Williams an campaign coordinator Trevor Mallard should be imprisoned as the law allows?; or
b) that the election should be declared a nullity?; or
c) that taxpayers should not be funding that campaign of political parties?; or
d) all of the above?; or
d) that
rules around campaigning needed a rethink, as it's all a bit confusing for the poor lambs.
You guessed it: Johanson's answer is (d). The spin is in, and it's on the march, and it's right there in Herald headlines and the VUW PolSci department.

So now we can answer at least two of the questions I posed earlier today: it seems that, yes, they do think we're stupid; and no, the press gallery won't be attacking this issue so much as forming a defensive line around it.

Labour case shows need for campaign spend rule change - NZ Herald
Case closed - David Farrar

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