Friday, 10 February 2006

Taxpayers pony up for Labour's overspend

NZ HERALD: Police are investigating the Labour Party for the $440,000 it spent on pledge cards and pamphlets sent to homes before the election. It is the first time the Electoral Commission has referred a political party to the police for allegedly overspending in breach of the Electoral Act. The party was allowed to spend $2,380,000 but in fact spent $2,798,603...
  • Which is worse, spending more than $400,000 too much in your election campaign (a 17% overspend), or having the taxpayer front up for the bill?
  • Or then suggesting that the presentation of your policies to the whole of the country was not part of the campaign at all?
  • Are the sheeple really that stupid?
  • (Don't answer that last one.)
  • Did Labour buy the election?
  • And will the press gallery bother to push this issue? How far?
  • And are National able to? How far?
  • And why the hell should the taxpayer be funding any campaigning from any party anyway? Why can't the thieving bastards pay for their own broken promises.
  • (And by the way, how good is to Google search using the words 'Labour' and 'police inquiry into.')
As you might expect, more questions, comments and coverage at David Farrar's blog, here and here including a timeline of sorts. And spin and misdirection at The Thondon Bubble blog: "It's time, once and for all, to clarify spending limits on the one hand - and, given what happened earlier this year, how third parties can be involved in election campaigns..." Yeah, right. Like that's the issue here. LibertyScott clarifies: "Oh dear, that's what to use in court - sorry judge, the law is outdated and unclear, I wouldn't have broken it otherwise, I'd like it to change." And by they way, those bloody Brethren look pretty suspicious (where would you be without a decent scapegoat, eh?).

Sheesh. Just how stupid do they think we are?

LINKS: Labour's $440,000 elections spending probed - NZ Herald
Police to probe Labour spending - Dominion Post

Questions that should be put to Helen - David Farrar
When were Labour told? - David Farrar

Labour bought the election? - LibertyScott


  1. "(And by the way, how good is to Google search using the words 'Labour' and 'police inquiry into.')

    Lol... love this. Click on the "search NZ sites only" option and you'll find almost 10 different reasons Labour shouldn't have got back into power just on the one page. Why do we accept such corrupt politicans in this country? Why can't we get more honest and decent citizens joining and representing these parties? Are there any left, or is everyone else just as bad as these idiots?

  2. Sometimes it is hard to find reasons not to lump them all in the Dishonesty Box together.

    Across the Tasman, every govt minister is desperately trying to disassociate himself with the Australian Wheat Board payments to Saddam & whanau!

    'Please buy our wheat Mr H; here's a little something for you!'

    Nobody, apparently, knew anything about it! Funny, that.


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