Friday, 10 February 2006

Friday Beer News: Beer drinkers are healthier

PRAGUE DAILY MONITOR: A study conducted by doctors who monitored nearly a hundred middle-aged men over the course of three months revealed that the moderate consumption of beer slows aging and reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and arteriosclerosis, the daily Plzensky denik reports today.... Full story here.

Good news, especially for New Zealanders, who rate 11th in the world for per capita beer consumption, way, way, way behind German beer drinkers, and the Irish -- who put away twice as much as we do. No wonder they're so healthy. (The word 'moderate' in the news above is clearly just a sop to the wowsers.)

And even more good news (and all courtesy of the fine chaps at RealBeer.Co.NZ, from whom all these links were shamelessly stolen), science has given us a Beer Robot called Asahi, and a product just crying out for someone to mass-produce and make their fortune: a means by which to carry all your beers to your seat when you're at a sporting event. That is, if you can't afford a Beer Wench like this one below, or if the bloody police just can't stop pestering her:

LINKS: Doctors say moderate beer drinkers age slower - Prague Daily Monitor
Stats > Food > Beer consumption - Nationmaster
Beer Pouring Robot, Finally! - RealBeer.Co.NZ
Invention of the Year - Brian Hunt

Hat tips for all the good news above, the fine chaps at RealBeer.Co.NZ

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