Sunday, 5 February 2006

'An Awakening Mind' - Damon Denys

A scene about as far from Islamic repression as you can get. Says the artist's website:
The scene itself portrays a young woman, engaged in reading Aristotle’s Analytics in their original Greek language, who has had an epiphany of sorts and is now experiencing an elevation of mind and soul. Thus the name of the painting, 'An Awakening Mind.' It is no coincidence that the figure is a woman, as the artist intended the picture to possess pro-feminine content that is relevant to modern times. The landscape behind her is agricultural, symbolizing the fertility of her mind. The farmland progresses towards a mountain, which we can see is very high indeed due to the presence of snow on its slopes (another symbol of the purity of the woman’s mind). The mountain peaks just behind the woman herself, symbolizing again her reaching an elevated state of mind. Her golden sash indicates the integrity and truth of her achievement, while the vivid red drapery underscores her passion and determination.
Link: About 'An Wakening Mind' - Damon Denys

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  1. I quite like that picture. Touch close to realism but it evokes good feelings. But can't art just be beheld? Gee, all the explanation is off-putting. To the point where I might stop enjoying the picture. Sometimes art is over-intellectualisd. Let a person make of it what they will.


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