Sunday, 5 February 2006

Rules of Engagement

Here's a helpful rule for those who might need it, and those who probably think they don't: Don't shit in your own kennel.

Simple rule really, one which over the years has worked very well. Here's three practical uses for the Rule:
  1. Don't do your flatmates.
  2. Don't do your partner's friends.
  3. Don't do your friend's partners.
Life is a whole lot easier if you keep that in mind. Break them if you must, but do it knowing there will be consequences -- prepare for someone to be hurt, possibly you, but certainly someone close to you. Here endeth the advice.


  1. Given that my flat consists of myself, my sister, and her boyfriend, I'm pretty safe.

  2. Life may be easier - but is it better? What a cowardly post.

    Just goes to show those who posture about being 'passionate' - 'total passion for the total height' are really dead but they won't lie down.

  3. Hmmm...I would have to agree with Peter on this one - Number 1 especially.

  4. In one of the flats I lived in, the rule was simple, "Don't Screw the Crew", which was ignored.

    We had one young lady (not the best use of the title "Lady") in who managed to screw the landlords son, and then screw the landlords partners son and then regularly screw another tenant on the side, not to mention screwing countless other guys she picked up at bars. So many tears, so many fights and screams at 3am when one too many men try to enter the 2nd bedroom on the left...

    Best flat I'd ever lived in though.

  5. Ruth asks the pertinent question.

  6. Ruth, what makes you think that passion and monogamy are mutually exclusive?

  7. Every time I saw one of those rules broken, it ended in tears!

  8. "Life may be easier - but is it better?"

    Well, as I said, "Break them if you must, but do it knowing there will be consequences." If you think the consequences are fully worth it, then go for it. But don't whine afterwards.

    As the Spanish proverb goes, "Take what you want and pay for it, said God." Change 'God' to reality, and there's your answer.

  9. There's got to be a back story as to why these old-news rules just comed out of the blue.

    Who's PC talking to?


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