Saturday, 4 February 2006

Waiting for Waitangi

I'll post some thoughts sometime later on the reasons we're enjoying this NZ long weekend, probably while hungover tomorrow morning (if you're keen in the meantime you can dig through my archives and see what you can find for yourself). Even without a full moon, Waitangi always produces a lot of people intent on misunderstanding whatever anyone says, no matter how simple, and however straightforward -- there's always a whle lot of people doing a whole lot of talking past each other. I expect no less this year.

Until then, Julian has a few thoughts on the subject (try to read them without hyperventilating), a press release, and a promise that he will be at the Waitangi celebrations on Waitangi Day taking a stand against institutionalised racism, and he will be live blogging, and uploading photos. Should be good. And you might care to see Lindsay Perigo's views on the matter from just a few years back. I doubt they've changed very much since.

Links: Not PC Archives: Maoritanga
Libertarianz Will Be at Waitangi Again - Julian Pistorius
Treaty Out, Constitution In - Lindsay Perigo

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