Friday, 25 November 2005

Top Googles to 'Not PC'

wet soldiers (not on front page)
opposes to mozart effect (1st at Yahoo)
water bottled at putaruru (not on front page)
americans identifying nz on a map (not on front page)
summary of the seven-lesson school teacher (2nd on Yahoo)
getting rights right (5th)
lord denning approach to precedent (4th)
avian flue exaggerated (not on front page)
classical sex (1st on MSN)
time preference theory of interest (42nd)
newsweek baby boomer quiz (3rd on Yahoo)
nuclear power blair blog (not on front page)
jorn utzon (5th at MSN)
reasons for the war in iraq (not on front page)
bush was right (10th at Yahoo)
urban design (not on front page)
pictures of female soldiers iraq (not on frontpage)
iglesia de la medalla de la virgen milagrosa
(1st at Yahoo)
virgen milagrosa (2nd at Blog Search)

Amongst other oddities we also had the clearly delusional "pc hot for 2006," the mysterious "i want watch the pakistani stage dramas," and the frankly bizarre "bloody virgen blogs" and "i want to fuck brian larsen." Quite where I would send these searchers, I really don't know. Any ideas?

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