Thursday, 28 April 2005

Bush was right!

The Syrian army has left Lebanon, after popular protests forcing them out. Muammar Gaddafi is desperately sucking up to the west. Free elections have been held in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are to be held soon in Egypt and in Lebanon. The Palestinian Authority held free elections, put together a cease-fire and called a so-far mostly successful moratorium against attacks on Israel.

Arab and Muslim absolutism is slowly being replaced with western ideas of freedom. Peace is breaking out in the Middle East - and I mean real peace: peace with freedom. It's almost like watching the Berlin Wall fall all over again and freedom take hold across Eastern Europe.

Who could possibly object to the latest developments in the Middle East? Well, there's Al-Qaeda’s Dr. Ayman Zawahiri of course; and (Abu Musab) al-Zarqawi and the Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars. And Saddam’s remaining Baathists. And the entire unwashed anti-war movement across the west. And Robert Fisk.

Turns out, the critics - liberal and cynical and peacenik and 'realist' - were wrong, just as they were wrong about the Cold War. The critics got Reagan wrong and the Soviets wrong, and now they've got Bush wrong and the 'Arab street' wrong. Time for them to 'fess up on both.

When the Soviets fell it was chiefly due to the Reagan Doctrine which was crafted not to contain the Soviet Empire, but to destroy it. So too with the 'Bush Doctrine,' which seeks not to contain Islamic terrorism but to hunt it down and destroy it,and destroy those who support it.

When the Arab street finally got to speak and say what they thought about this doctrine, they called - not for American blood - but for freedom and dignity and prosperity. For something we take for granted called 'normality.' The 'Bush Doctrine offered them a chance at liberation, and they're grabbing it with both hands. As one commentator has suggested, "the two central propositions of the Bush doctrine have been vindicated: First, that the will to freedom is indeed universal and not the private preserve of Westerners. And second, that American intentions were sincere. Contrary to the cynics, Arab and European and American, the U.S. did not go into Iraq for oil or hegemony, after all, but for liberation--a truth that on Jan. 31 even al-Jazeera had to televise."

Back in March even the New York Times had to admit that maybe Bush's foreign policy was ... um, well.. probably justified by events, and things have only got better since then: "It's not even spring yet [in the Northern Hemisphere], but a long-frozen political order seems to be cracking all over the Middle East. Cautious hopes for something new and better are stirring along the Tigris and the Nile, the elegant boulevards of Beirut, and the impoverished towns of the Gaza Strip....

"[T]his has so far been a year of heartening surprises -- each one remarkable in itself, and taken together truly astonishing. The Bush administration is entitled to claim a healthy share of the credit for many of these advances. It boldly proclaimed the cause of Middle East democracy at a time when few in the West thought it had any realistic chance. And for all the negative consequences that flowed from the American invasion of Iraq, there could have been no democratic elections there this January if Saddam Hussein had still been in power."

If even the New York Times can almost admit the truth, then perhaps it's time we heard this from further afield: Bush was right.


  1. War may increase liberty abroad while destroying it at home. Are the Objectivists now advocating self-sacraficing by the American people? But then some of them have been ready to drop atomic weapons on civilian populations for decades. There's something about killing that appeals to the Objectivist fringe.

  2. What is this idiot talking about.

    "some of them have been ready to drop atomic weapons on civilian populations for decades"

    Yeah you're really 'not fringe', wacko.

  3. Terrorist attacks have increased markedly in the last two years, according to US State Dept figures.

    Tell me again: What is Bush fighting a war against? Starts with a 'T'? Doesn't look like it's working, does it?

    The invasion was because of Sept 11, oops no it's to stop WMD, sorry no it was to attract all the Jihadis into one killing zone, ah but now we realise is was really to encourage Syria to withdraw from Lebanon...

    And anything good that happens in the world must be because he invaded Iraq, and anything bad could have been avoided if only he'd been free to use more force elsewhere too.

  4. I only needed to read a small portion of this to realise you are completely delusional and this is bullshit. Anyone who can come up with a statement along the lines of "when the Soviets fell it was chiefly due to the Reagan Doctrine" is living in a parallel universe and clearly has no grasp of history. That really is complete garbage and shows no understanding of history at all. it's also completely contempuous of the people you purportedly are supporting. Do you really believe all these millions of passive helpless minions were all just sitting there waiting for Ronnie to come charging in on his white stallion before these changes could happen?

    I think we can probbaly both agree that the optimism of a few months back re the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East was clearly a false alarm. One only need ask 'so what about Uzbekistan' for that to be exposed for the obvious lie that it is. When are you people going to understand that states usually behave according to their interests not according to some wonderful moral agenda. It's called Realpolitik and is usually a fail safe guide to how the world operates.

    Enough. Clearly I disagree. Convince me otherwise.

  5. And how the fuck do you have 'free' elections in a country when half the candidates can't be named because of the security situation and there is an occupying power of over 150,000 sitting there supervising said election?

    As for Lebanese democracy - i'm sure we can all be happy the Syrians have disappeared but a 30% turnout as occured today does not exactly reinforce the optimism of the events just past.

    Excuse me if I reserve my judgment on whether Bush was right. In fact I'll go out on a limb here and suggest he remains as clueless as ever.

  6. hmm, have any comments been deleted in this post?


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