Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Orauta eviction this afternoon?

We've just heard that Orauata School--slated for closure by Trevor Mallard and whose story I've been following here at Not PC-- is scheduled for eviction at 3pm this afternoon.

I won't repeat myself by recapping the story: have a look at the stories below for background, and go to Julian's site archives for more first-hand stuff. Julian will be there to stand up for the school's trustees. I'll just re-quote here what I said in April when I first introduced the story:
What do you do when the Minister of Education closes down your school? If you're like most New Zealanders, you roll over and beg for more. But that's not the way with Orauta School near Moerewa in Northland.

Parents at Orauta face prosecution because they've thumbed their noses at the Ministry's announcement of the school's closure, and at what the Ministry calls 'quality.' Instead, they've demanded that they be permitted to make the choice over the education of their own children themselves.
These parents and trustees deserve your support. Background here:

Take These Two Fingers, Mr Mallard
Orauta School still fighting, but not in court

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