Friday, 27 May 2005

Orauta school facing court action over independent stand

As the Government continues to try and close the Orauta School against the will of the school trustees and parents, summonses for court appearances are being issued by the Ministry of Education for "allegedy running an unregistered school."

"Bring it on," says courageous trustees chairman Ken Brown. Latest story here. My first analysis of Orauta's stand here.

Northland Libertarianz candidate Julian Pistorius has been keeping track of the whole story, both at his own site here and the site he shares here with Libz Whangarei candidate Helen Hughes.

Orauta parents and trustees just want to keep open their school. It's on their own land, it's their children being educated there, they're paying all the bills and they want to be independent of the state. Which part do you think most offends the Government?

1 comment:

  1. They could just all apply to be homeschoolers, and then their kids are exempt from attending a registered school.


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