Friday, 6 May 2005

Thuggery at Northland school

At midday today the Ministry of Education will be attempting to evict the parents and children from Orauta School. I've reported previously on this case, in which parents at this Moerewa school in Northland wish simply to educate their children away from the clutches of the state. Northern Advocate gives some background here.

As Peter Osborne from Libertarianz says this morning, it's not that the government is even interested in the premises - "the buildings will probably be left to rot at the taxpayers' expense" - "what the Government is most concerned about is the community wish to educate their own children without government interference." Libertarianz oppose the eviction, and Libz Julian Pistorius and Helen Hughes will be at the school today to offer the trustees their support.

The person charged with organising the eviction is Sharron M. Berry at Opus Consulting, ie., the former Ministry of Works. You can tell her what you think about the orders she is following at (07) 834 1873. And you can tell the gentleman who issued those orders what you think of them as well: Brian Mitchell, Property Implementation Manager (now there's a catchy title) at the Ministry on 04-463 8285 or Tell them I sent you. You might also like to ask the Maori Party's Hone Harawira why he isn't "walking the talk" on this issue as he should be.

And if you're near Moerewa and want to help, then please call in and talk to trustees chairman Ken Brown.

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  1. It seems we have a minor victory. Opus International didn't show up at the deadline today. More than likely because of Libz and media presence. Instead they will be waiting to catch us off our guard. I see this as an admission that they don't have any moral justification for their stance. If they did, they would have shown up on time and openly made their move.


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