Friday, 2 September 2005

More things I don't care about

  • What Helen Clark said to the airline pilot
  • What Roger Kerr said to Don Brash
  • What the Insurance Council said to Don Brash
  • What Helen Clark does with her microwave
  • Whose hand Rodney Hide is shaking this week
  • How many many married men Cathy had sex with this week
  • Who Russell Crowe hit this week
  • How fast Helen was going
  • Conspiracy theories about oil prices
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Sin City
  • The Simpsons
  • The new Dr Who
  • The old Dr Who
  • The new James Bond
  • Sam Neill
  • Nicole Kidman's new movie
  • Jonny Depp's new movie
  • New movies
  • The MTV Music Awards
  • NZ Idol
  • Idiots that can't write a song of their own
  • Idiots that don't have a brain of their own
  • Bloggers who can't generate an original thought of their own
  • Bloggers that are just party stooges (Hello Jordan)
  • The Hectors Dolphin
  • People who can't tell the difference between racism and removing racial privilege
  • People who can't tell the difference between getting welfare and getting your taxes back
  • People who want something for nothing
  • People who think they can vote themselves rich
  • People who think that being a consultant with a government contract means they're self-employed
  • People who think that being a resource consultant means you're supporting yourself
  • People who wont say what they really think
  • Politicians who are bold with other people's money
  • Steve Maharey's blameless life
  • Steve Maharey
  • The new haka
  • The old haka
  • Hakas
  • Who the Maori Party are going into coalition with
  • Who the Maori Party won't go into coalition with (National? What a surprise.)
  • Who Winston thinks he's kidding (is he kidding anyone, apart from the National Front?)
  • The softcock centre-right
  • The dripping wet centre-left
  • People who don't question details before believing every poll that is put in front of them
  • The ramblings of undergrad philosophy students
  • The ramblings of bloggers who really should know better
  • Who J-Lo is married to this week
  • Who Britney Spears is not married to this week
  • Why Jennifer Aniston is not married this week, and how she feels about it
  • Who are these people anyway?
And have you noticed:
  • how the results of a dodgy ACT poll whose methodology has still not been revealed has all of a sudden appeared everywhere like some sort of Prague Spring?
  • how every party blogger of every stripe hits their marks so efficiently, and in such a coordinated fashion
  • how National haven't mentioned it was they who introduced both the NCEA and the RMA
  • how Labour haven't mentioned that it was National who introduced both the NCEA and the RMA
  • how ACT's Ken Shirley hasn't mentioned he helped write the RMA
  • how the Labour hacks are becoming increasingly shrill
  • how Destiny billboards just don't stay up very well
  • how Nick Smith and the worm have both thankfully become invisible
  • how Paul Holmes sadly hasn't
  • how Susan Wood is ^%$(&&) ... sorry ... I nodded off there for a moment and fell face down on my keyboard
  • how if Don Brash read out the phone book then headlines, podcasts, video interviews, and Scoop scoops would quickly appear about how it means he's planning to send our boys to Iraq on a nuclear warship paid for by enslaving all Maori and by selling off all the schools and hospitals to American mates of the Roundtable. Or something.
  • how manly Peter Davis looks in his Peruvian sweater


  1. Us lesser mortals are indeed unworthy of your rantings All Knowing One.

    So how is your share price - you a strong buy yet? I'm keeping my powder dry...though you were nobody's bargain last time I looked...but I would have to research the growth potential before you got a place on my tip-sheet.

  2. I think you moved from 'things I don't care about' to 'things I don't like' somewhere there, but a sensible and sane list, for the most part.


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