Friday, 30 September 2005

Halle Berry. Spot the difference...

One has been airbrushed, and one hasn't... can you tell which one. Or why, for sighing out loud? Bloody philistines.
Photographer Glenn C. Feron has plenty of other airbrushed examples at his site, all with a fancy 'mouse-over' arrangement that I couldn't import. Have a look.


  1. Why? I wonder if it's because the fashion industry is full of physically and spiritually ugly parasites who just want to make glamazons like Miss Berry feel like shit? One of my guilty pleasures was watching 'America's Next Top Model' - mainly for the pleasure of watching balding, badly-dressed scrofulous fashion queens dare criticise having chutzpah to bitch about anyone's "look".

  2. See some more pictures at Halle Berry


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