Thursday, 29 September 2005

'Maori Health' author interviewed

bFM's Noelle McCarthy has a useful interview with Peter Cacciopoli, discussing what he and Noelle call the 'libertarian' view that Maori have a right to ignore the political busybodies and health nazis and to live their own lifestyle as they see fit. Cacciopoli is the co-author of the Kotahitanga Community Trust's book called Maori Health, which has attracted opprobrium and outrage in equal measure.

Not PC has had occasion in the past to praise the Kotahitanga Trust, whose school newsletter proudly declared some months ago "We believe it is more important to teach Maori kids to read, write and count than it is to ensure that ineffective state providers are protected by the Crown from competition." The school has now been closed By Order of the Ministry. Looks like there are some people who do understand the importance of weaning themselves from the State, even if the State would rather they didn't.
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