Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Aro Valley and Manukau candidates meetings

LibertyScott and Richard both have the run-down on the Aro Valley meeting--"THE candidates' meeting for Wellington Central every election"-- and I've got the report below of the Manukau meeting at which Susan the Libertarian had jaws dropping on the floor.

LibertyScott's summary of the Aro Valley evening (for which Richard has the pictures):
All in all a great evening out, a wonderful chance to heckle and hear some bloody quick witted remarks from an audience that was not QUITE as leftwing as at previous elections.
My correspondent's summation of Susan's presentation: "A riot."

[UPDATE: Gman has more pictures here of the Aro Valley meeting, with a report coming. DPF, Kakariki, and Keith Ng also have reports, although Keith's isn't exactly of the meeting itself, more about the aftermath.]
[UPDATE 2: Luke has more pictures of the Aro Valley meeting. You'd think that the thief would be on one of the photos, wouldn't you.]

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