Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Have I got news for you

Have I got news for you? Sure have.

First, the good news. Angus Deayton's 'Have I Got News For You' (right) has been so sharp for so long that Touchdown's Julie Christie has just announced she is producing a local version of the news quiz for Prime TV, 'Out of the Question.' Now, the less good news: her top choices for panellist are Michael Laws, Paul Holmes and Mike Hosking (can anyone say "tired" and "witless"), hardly the cutting edge wit we got from Paul Merton, Ian Hislop and Deayton, which was sometimes so sharp they cut themselves.

Paul Holmes himself promises in the Dom a "lively, boisterous, honest exchange of wit and views"--presumably that will be on the evenings on which he is unavailable.

What does seem out of the question at this stage is using the razor wit oft produced by the cast of the local radio show 'Off the Wire,' itself loosely based on HIGNFY: Te Radar, Mike Loder, Russell Brown, Jo Cotton et al. Shame. Maybe they'll get themselves a slot if they promise to keep their humour confined to the ad breaks.


  1. Prime has now lost the brownie point it won for running 'Penn and Teller's Bullshit!' at all - even if it buried it without promotion.

  2. Tuesdays at 9.30pm - at least until Prime realise they've got a classic on their hands and dump it for a load of old cobblers.

    For some reason, the show's official website is unfit for non-American eyes but the episode I accidentally caught most of last night is classic Penn & Teller. As I wrote on NZPundit, "More proof that the best way to deal with the dangerously irrational is gales of mocking laughter."

  3. Mike Hosking is a ledgend!

  4. See, for anyone who had lingering doubts about Rick's sanity, those doubts can now be removed.


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