Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Stoning Ashraf Choudhary

The idiotic pronouncement by Labour MP Ashraf Choudhary that stoning gays and adulters is okay because it is in the Koran and "what the Koran says is correct" demonstrates once again that all cultures are not equal, and Islamic culture perhaps least equal than most -- at least as long as Islamic culture refuses to change and continues to support evil nonsense such as this. As Ruth says: "I agree some stoning is OK - let's start with the Muslim clerics - I don't have a problem with that." Me either.

The fact is that cultures are not beyond criticism (a point made last week by Wellington probation officerJosie Bullock), and nor should they be. We should judge Islamic culture, and indeed all cultures, according to how well they work for those within them.

Thomas Sowell made exactly that point in his book Conquest and Cultures:
Cultures are not museum-pieces. They are the working machinery of everyday life. Unlike objects of aesthetic contemplation, working machinery is judged by how well it works, compared to the alternatives.
Now that's a point worth contemplating.


  1. Choudhary certainly is one mixed up Muslim. Surely what the Koran says is correct or it is not correct. Is he saying the Koran is correct but only in Muslim countries? If the Koran is not suited to New Zealand laws and culture then neither is Islam; perhaps both should be left at the border as a condition of accepted entry. Maybe Winston could run with this one – leave either your Islamic faith or yourself the other side of our border controls. Could you train a sniffer dog?

  2. I've already emailed Dr. Choudhary a letter regarding the issue. Actually, I've had quite a productive letter-writing day.

  3. I reiterate, as a matter of personal belief, I abhor stoning. There has to be a better way. I invite you to participate in my poll.

  4. Very good 'Ashraf.' :-)


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