Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Meddling arseholes highlight system of a downer

Just as Shania Twain finally receives permission to build a house on her own land, news comes in that Serj Tankian (pictured right) "the singer of American band System of a Down has failed in his bid to buy a west coast beach property and develop a recording studio."

What sort of small, myopic, authoritarian, third-world shithole are we living in here? The Overseas Investment Commission decided between their taxpayer-funded lunch and morning tea that this chap couldn't move here, couldn't buy land here, couldn't "
identify local musicians to record demos, and then seek recording deals for them in the US" ... in short, they've told him to take his money and his life and just piss off somewhere else. Why couldn't these blowhard bureaurcratic retards just piss off themselves and mind their own fucking business?

It's been said that when tyranny knocks at your door it wiill be carrying a gun.
I disagree. When tyranny knocks at your door it will be carrying a clipboard. The one carrying the gun should be you. But to paraphrase Robert Heinlein, beware of strong drink; it can make you shoot at meddling areseholes, and miss.

Feel free to send all the meddling arseholes from the Overseas Obstruction Commission a message telling them what you think about them:
Stephen Dawe is the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary; Peter Hill, Assistant Secretary; Annelies McClure, Manager Applications; Pedro Morgan, Legal Analyst; David Turnbull, Applications Co-ordinator; Chris Miller, Data Analyst; Suzanne Conley, Executive Assistant; Olwyn Smith, Administrative Assistant; Wendy Russ, Filing Clerk.

Overseas Investment Commission

Level 9, 2 The Terrace
Phone: +64 4 471 3838
Reserve Bank Building
Fax: +64 4 471 3655
P. O. Box 2498

email: oic@oic.govt.nz
New Zealand

Please address all written correspondence to "Meddling Arseholes."


  1. PC, I think your sympathy is entirely misplaced. Tankian is a hardcore socialist who has been very vocal in campaigning against globalisation. The irony in him being told to fuck off by the very sort of protectionist regime he would approve of is just delicious.

    In addition, his whiny annoying lyrics are just shit. If you're going to be a socialist rock star, at least try and be clever about it (the Manic Street Preachers manage it).

  2. Er - I think you have this argument ass-about-face Blair - in my-not-so-humble-opinion.

  3. Er... Ruth, I think you assume other people give a shit about your opinion too often.

  4. Surprise, Ruth! When you talk absolute shit, you get a reaction! Clever girl!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Blair, I agree with you about the Manics*, and probably about the guy's 'music' truth be known, but one more whiny socialist nutcase here would hardly be noticed. In any case, the point is that we don't just have meddling arseholes in councils's and the offices of planners, they're everywhere. These particular meddling arseholes at the Overseas Investment Commission would surely be ripe for Brash's Spanish Archer come a National victory in September.

    *I wonder if Richey has bought land here? ;^)


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