Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Peron out

News just in, as yet unconfirmed:
"Today Jim Peron, Auckland bookstore owner accused by MP Winston Peters of being a paedophile received a letter from NZ immigration informing him he was not to re-enter NZ from Germany where he is currently organising a conference."

[UPDATE: Stuff, Herald and TVNZ now have the news.]


  1. Well it looks like you got your wish PC.The man has committed no criminal action here or overseas yet can't even return to wind up his affairs or appeal this decision.Terrorists and murderers get justice...but not Peron.Hope you and Perigo are happy because its a sade day for liberty.

  2. There's nothing "just" about advocating sex with young children. And there's nothing "sad" about evicting a guy that advocates that particular variety of criminal activity -- that in fact is justice.

  3. It has never been proven that Jim ever advocated sex with young children.He denied being involved with Unbound and the facts are proving him right.Jim is refered to in the third person in unbound,an odd thing to do if hes producing it..and why have a different private box no. when part of his business was renting out mail boxes to people? In any case he has not committed a crime either here or in the US or South Africa.But to deny the man the right to make his case or settle his business is criminal.And what happened to free speech PC? Even if he had advocated sex with children that does not make him a criminal...just a person with an opinion that we all would reject and choose to have nothing to do with.Thought and action are two different things...you know that.

  4. I will not be relitigating the obvious with you James.

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  6. What??? Advocating sex with children is/should be a crime, just like advocating to do ethnic cleansing or other inhumane activities.

  7. We don't do threats either.

  8. Heh. I thought to myself, when I heard that Jim had been given his marching orders ... "I bet James immediately posts a screed of barely coherent, hate-ridden crap to PC's blog."

    I hate being right sometimes :-)

  9. Sometimes I hate you being right too, Duncan.

  10. Duncan Bayne....fairweather friend it seems...

  11. Matthew Flannagan11 Jul 2005, 22:30:00

    James appears to have never read a press release. It is common convention to refer to oneself in the third person in this genre.

    But then as you said why repeat the obvious, especially when the person in question thinks personal abuse actually constitutes a rebuttal

  12. Take2CupsofFlour12 Jul 2005, 23:03:00

    I don't mind being right ;-)

    Its not like you needed to be psychic to predict that James would froth verbal diarrhoea at the mere suggestion Peron isn't the victim of a plot of masqueraders who are all falling over themselves to impersonate him.


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