Saturday, 23 July 2005

Not PC: What you might have missed

More of what you might have missed at Not PC this week if you've been away, had computer problems, or just shamefully haven't been tuning in here every day. Shame on you! All this below plus humour, innuendo, gossip and a complete set of new steak knives free with every visit (Hint: one of these things is not true).

Prohibition finds new victims
The 'high profile sporting stars' and celebrities that were caught up in the latest drug hoohah and whom we dare not name just go to show that the main problem involved with drug use is not the harm of the drugs themselves but the criminalisation involved with their use...

Chris Lewis: Tall Poppy
I'm enormously sad to learn that New Zealand Tennis have finally driven tennis ace Chris Lewis from New Zealand. Chris is a wonderful sportsman and a tremendous human being, and his departure for California leaves me angry at his treatment here at home...

The west's suicide bomb
Once again Cox and Forkum are on the money with their cartoon, The Real Suicide Bomb, inspired by a line from Mark Steyn's A victory for multiculti over common sense . Steyn's most important point is one expanded by Robert Tracinski, that "you can't assimilate with a nullity - which is what multiculturalism is." In the battle for civilisation in which we're presently engaged, it is crucial to know what in fact the values that support civilisation are. As Steyn notes they are more than just eating fish and chips, playing cricket and sporting appalling leisurewear...

Poll shows species headed for extinction
If you're any sort of anthropologist or ecologist you should keep your eye on the last days of a particular human species about to beome extinct, Homo politicis Actus, otherwise known as the ACT Party...

A word from your taxpaid sponsor
A correspondent just sent this to me, and it seemed the best thing to do with it is to post it here. I agree with every word: I'd like to vent my spleen over something heard on the news this morning only I'm not sure which direction to vent. The fire in Dunedin apparently destroyed the offices of some people organising the "NZ Masters Games" (whatever that is). The bit that's got me going is that the sponsors of said games is "ACC Think Safe"...

Nick Smith: Idiot.
We all know that National's Nick Smith is an idiot, but you'd think he could at least remember what he says from one week to the next. Last month he described Labour's proposed changes to the RMA as a "massive U-turn." "...This important change was proposed in a bill by National in 1999 but dismissed by Labour as evil and dangerous," says a breathless Smith. Now, a month later, he says of these same reforms they are "window-dressing ... a piecemeal response to a law that requires far more substantive reform."

Apollo 11: Human Achievement Day!
On our present calendar there days in which to 'Remember the Spotted Whale' ands more than one 'Poke a Sharp Stick at the Capitalist Day'; they litter the calendar all they way from here to the next 'Say Sal'aam for Noam Chomsky Day.' So I was disappointed to find I'd missed a proposal by Objectivist Center head Ed Hudgins that "A new [commemorative day] should be added to the calendar - informally rather than by government decree: Human Achievement Day...

Sawmill project shows RMA court a "lottery"
One million dollars, several years of planning, and the Coromandel sawmill proposed by Blue Mountain Lumber has now been knocked on the head by the Environment Court. Apparently the court decided that people on the property's 'marginal strip' could see the proposed plant. Wouldn't that be just awful for them...

My Son the Fanatic
Irfan Khawaja has a hot film tip for you: A friend asked me over the weekend for help in understanding the London bombings, and I told her (as I'd recommended in a previous post) to go out and rent the 1997 British film, "My Son the Fanatic."

Legalise It. Not.
The Greens are proposing to legalise cannabis decriminalise cannabis fine people for using cannabis. This is somewhat of a backdown from previous positions on the freedom to put into your own body what you choose yourself. I look forward to hearing Nandor re-recording Peter Tosh's legalisation anthem under a new title, 'Fine It'!

Piling on the pylon pressure
Transpower have announced the route through which it plans to force its line of pylons through the Waikato, unswayed by the pleas of farmers over whose land these pylons are being forced, and of a government previously eager to have the issue resolved post-election.

Roman Polanski finally admits 'I was wrong'
Roman Polanski has finally admitted he was wrong to have committed statutory rape all those years ago, before fleeing for France with a warrant for his arrest "on charges of luring a 13-year-old girl to the home of Jack Nicholson under the pretext of photographing her, then drugging and raping her." No sign of him intending to return to face the music however...

More spoilsport neighbours
Jim Eagle has a good thoughtful piece in the Herald on the RMA and those people that 'come to the nuisance' and then complain about the neighbour they knew about when they moved in...

Honesty the best policy, Rodney
Third-placed Epsom candidate Rodney Hide was door-knocking around the electorate yesterday with The Herald in tow. "I'm on 1 per cent in the polls - nothing can bother me," he says. He may not be bothered, but I noted yesterday he was delusional..

Liberal slavery and the 'substantive freedom' fallacy
Kiwi Pundit has picked up the baton with Richard with whom I have had various disagreements on the question of freedom both thick and thin, most recently here and here. As I've said before, Richard's criticisms of libertarianism are more in the nature of caricature than they are analysis..

Hatred and mysticism behind the violence
As Christopher Hitchens says in a post below, "Random and 'senseless' though such violence may appear, we also all know it expresses a deadly ideology; indeed that in some ways it is that ideology. The preachers of this faith have taken care to warn us that they love death more than we love life..."

Loving death, loving sacrifice
Christopher Hitchens has argued of the London murders "It is a big mistake to believe this is an assault on 'our' values or 'our' way of life. It is, rather, an assault on all civilisation... For a few moments [on July 7], Londoners received a taste of what life is like for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, whose Muslim faith does not protect them from slaughter at the hands of those who think they are not Muslim enough, or are the wrong Muslim." If you think this is hyperbole then remind yourself of the weekend's terror attack in Baghdad..

Who would commit mass murder?
The terrorists that murdered Londoners were home-grown and foreign-trained to make them ideologically equipped for their 'ultimate sacrifice.' Where were they trained, who would encourage such thinking, and just what in the name of hell did they think they were sacrificing for? The answer to the first question, reports The Times, is that Hasib Hussain and Shehzad Tanweer were trained in Pakistan...

More misunderstood killers
So who wants to defend this atrocity -- was the suicide bomber and those who encouraged and resourced him just 'misunderstood'? BAGHDAD - A suicide car bomber killed 27 and wounded 67 people, mostly children...

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