Tuesday, 19 July 2005

More spoilsport neighbours

Jim Eagle has a good thoughtful piece in the Herald on the RMA and those people that 'come to the nuisance' and then complain about the neighbour they knew about when they moved in. As Jim says, "It's an attitude that I have great difficulty understanding." Me too, as I've said here a few times before, most recently here.

He's also got a few thoughts on the consultation requirements of the RMA. Consultation, he says, "is all too often a chance for the local busybody, the neighbourhood curmudgeon and the nimby brigade to force the rest of the world to conform to their selfish viewpoints. Do we really want these people running our communities?"

Jim's opinion piece is here. As I've said before, common law offers the best chance to depoliticise the busybodies.

[Hat tip TinCanMan.]

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