Thursday, 21 July 2005

A word from your taxpaid sponsor

A correspondent just sent this to me, and it seemed the best thing to do with it is to post it here. I agree with every word:
I'd like to vent my spleen over something heard on the news this morning only I'm not sure which direction to vent.
The fire in Dunedin apparently destroyed the offices of some people organising the "NZ Masters Games" (whatever that is). The bit that's got me going is that the sponsors of said games is "ACC Think Safe".
What the hell is an organisation that gets its money by compulsion (read theft) doing giving it away in sponsorship to anything.
Maybe if they didn't sponsor things or pay for endless ads on TV they could drop the rates to the poor bloody people paying it.
It's enough to make you vote LIBERTARIANZ.
Consider me half vented.
I'm delighted to have been a conduit for such a vent. Bravo!

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  1. The Masters Games is a series of sports meets for Seniors - sort of Olympics style, held alternately in Wanganui and Dunedin every year (I think).


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