Friday, 22 July 2005

A real spin doctor

While we're talking about human achievement, greatness and tall poppies -- well, as I was doing anyway -- I came across this wonderful piece of writing in (gasp) The Herald as I sought coverage of the long-awaited Ashes cricket series.

Plucked from the Independent, it is a wonderful tribute to a remarkable man, Shane Warne, and entirely free of what I expect to see shortly in the comments below, what Chris Lewis described as the crab bucket mentality. Whatever you have ever thought about Shane Warne, read this piece. It is a magnificent tribute.
Sportsmen salute his competitive courage. Spectators rejoice in his artistry. In an age of reason, he chased the wildest of dreams.
Marvellous stuff.


Blogger Craig Ranapia said...

What did you expect to see in the comments. He's a remarkably talented cricketer, but unless he's started a new career as a high-end male whore his sexual habits aren't of interest to me.

22 Jul 2005, 22:01:00  
Anonymous LB said...

N.B. Recent research ( follow the links)
indicates that men who are anxious tend to have more sex - implication? That Warne, surprise surprise, could have performance anxiety about being in a new country, team, etc environment. Possible. Just possible

23 Jul 2005, 13:11:00  
Blogger Jesus Crux said...

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23 Jul 2005, 13:59:00  

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