Friday, 3 June 2005

Epsom Poll result

Just finished a phone interview with Dunedin’s Radio One discussing Shania Twain’s house, foreign ownership of land, Hubbard’s new Beauty Board and the ARC’s ‘Plan Change 6.’ News of Auckland’s idiocies travels fast it seems.

I’ll post shortly the actual outcome of the Poll deciding whether or not I stand in Epsom. The race was the first to get to 250: with 526 votes cast and a serious last-minute flurry of votes, 253 voted Yes, 254 voted No, and 19 still don’t have a clue where Epsom is.

That’s about as close as an Arabian afternoon, so I just need to confirm my recollection of which got to 250 first, and see if a screen shot of the result at that time is possible. In the meantime, here’s the screenshot when the poll was shut down. Talk to you soon.

[UPDATE: I can confirm that the first to 250 was the 'No! Dont Stand!' vote, but there were only three votes in it at 8:30pm last night when the target was reached. Very close.

So that's it. I'm going to spend my time out around the country helping the campaigns of other Libz candidates, and right here at this computer keeping this blog fresh -- which suits my own inclinations to a tee, particularly as I don't think Epsom is going to be the battleground some think it might be.

As Graeme Hunt suggested on Breakfast TV this morning, ACT are a dead party walking with "no chance of winning a constituency seat." Epsom is not going to save ACT.]


  1. We will see PC...we will see.

  2. Tell you what James, I bet you a dozen beer that ACT gets no more MPs as a result of the next election than the Libz.

  3. ACT will get the one that matters Duncan...Why would the Libz rather see no libs, pure or 75%, than Rodney and ACT stay in and do well...? The politics of envy.. its "Cut off your nose to spite your face" worst...Sigh!Many Libz have joined ACT and have moved it quite a way from the unprincipled mess that it was a few years back but all this sniping from you guys does nothing to help.

  4. You're putting words in my mouth James; please stop doing that.

  5. What sort of beer did you give him Duncan?


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