Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Meddling arseholes

I’ve never knowingly heard anything by Shania Twain so for all I know howling may be how she makes her living. If it’s not, she’s probably howling now about the Resource Management Act after her plans for a house near Queenstown were rejected because in the opinion of local busybodies “the complex would not be in harmony with the surrounding landscape.” Story here.

Andrew Henderson, the planning wanker from CivicCorp who rejected the application and Julian Haworth, head busybody from the Upper Clutha Environmental Society, decided that man-made mounds to screen the house from being seen by anybody other than the house’s occupants after dark in a blindfold were “not appropriate,” particularly because “the house would still be visible from a new walking track” to be built by the Twains themselves as a previous consent condition.

I guess even a camouflage net wouldn’t have satisfied these meddling arseholes. Remind me again how the RMA is “permissive” and “far-sighted environmental legislation.”

As Ayn Rand observed, when the productive have to ask permission from unproductive arseholes in order to produce (I paraphrase slightly) then you know your culture is stuffed. Here we are.


Blogger Rick said...

Press Release: Libertarianz Support Shania Twain vs RMA

This should be a press release!!! The media eat this stuff up!

With song titles like...

I'm Gonna Getcha Good
Come On Over
That Don't Impress Me Much

...surely you're letting a classic presser slip through your fingers Libz!?

25 May 2005, 11:39:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt she's too worried about a house in NZ. It'll get done eventually and she can afford to grease the palms that'll make it so...

25 May 2005, 12:35:00  
Blogger Sid X said...

You missed the whole point anonymous.

Rick, you watch too much of Top of the pop.

25 May 2005, 13:19:00  
Anonymous Ruth said...

I was going to post about this, but I wanted an image of the house like the one in the Sunday Herald. Don't these bureaucratic losers, who have achieved absolutely nothing in their pathetic lives love it - The Age of Envy. The RMA is obscene.

25 May 2005, 13:41:00  
Blogger PC said...

Rick, you said "...surely you're letting a classic presser slip through your fingers Libz!?"

Worry ye not yongster. :-)

Anon, you said "It'll get done eventually and she can afford to grease the palms that'll make it so..."

And for those of us who can't or won't grease the palms of these arseholes? What of us, Anon?

Ruth, you said "The RMA is obscene."

Damn straight. Is that a title of a Shania Twain song? Rick?

The RMA could make a good country song, couldn't it. 'My dog done died, my pickup's broke, my wife she's gone and left me/ I sit and watch my old house rot and burn down all around me/ But as I plan to move my van onto some new green pasture/ I find inside my letterbox that some meddling arsehole's stuffed me/ My house I'd planned on my own land/ Done gone and stirred up tension:/ A hornets' nest of cheap unrest/ A busybody's circus. Chorus: A busybody's circus etc. [repeat until sober]...

25 May 2005, 13:59:00  
Anonymous michael fasher said...

hillbillies against country singers (h.a.c.)the new busybody wanker lobby group

25 May 2005, 21:42:00  

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