Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Top Google hits this week

A lot of yahoos here this week at ‘Not PC’, some totally mystifying, at least to me. Who will die today? I’m damn sure I don’t know.

What else can we tell from these searches? That Berend is world-famous in New Zealand; that there are clearly more than a few with classic sex on the brain (nothing wrong with that); and that my anatomy is the object of some speculation. Or not.

And I do hope that Dr Peter Cresswell, professor of immunobiology at Yale is not finding my blog too much of a problem. I feel sure his students will be able to tell us apart.

1. not pc epsom blog (1st)
2. Peter Cresswell (3rd)
3. ernest quor (6th on Spanish Google Search)
4. political spectrum quiz (18th on Yahoo Search)
5. world freedom summit (not on front page)
6. eat your greens (4th on Yahoo Search)
8. classical sex (1st on Yahoo Search)
9. berend de boer,
new Zealand (4th on Yahoo Search)
10. wananga rongo (3rd on Yahoo Search)
11. lindsay perigo jim peron (not on front page)
12. classic sex (1st on Yahoo Search)
13. (16th on Yahoo Search)
14. altruism libertarianism (1st and 4th on Yahoo Search)
15. the seven-lesson schoolteacher summary (4th on Yahoo Search)
16. pc anatomy education (3rd on Yahoo Search)
17. classic music brain (37th in Yahoo Search)
18. nolan chart nz politics (7th)


  1. It pays to think about your post titles - the google bot loves them, and blogs with categories. A post title with 'sex' in it is a sure way to send your page-ranking sky-rocketing.

    Blogs are changing the world you see.

  2. So I should have named this post 'Sex is tops this week for PC!'


  3. Only in New Zealand???

    Come on, I was on MSNBC, CNN, and 30 other newspapers all over the world today...

  4. Damn, you're right Berend.

    I never knew you were a Michael Jackson pundit. There you go, eh. :-)


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