Thursday, 12 May 2005

The importance of being Ernest. Or Annabell.

Former cowboy and now a Christchurch pensioner, Ernest Quor wants to be Annabell. That's right, he wants to become a she.

Fine. His/her business. Story here.

But Ernest aka Annabell wants us to pay for it. It's her right, we're told. And isn't it? If as many people claim we all have a 'right to free health care' then surely this is health care that Annabell has a right to, doesn't she? Then pony up!

In fact, you already have. As a Press story of April 2 reports just one day too late, "A new Government policy to fund about $170,000 worth of sex-change operations, has been welcomed by transgender advocate Christina Loughton. 'There is not going to be enough to pay for everyone,' said Loughton, 66, who runs transgender support group Agender New Zealand's Christchurch branch."

So is health care a right? Well, no it isn't. These people have clearly faced enormous difficulties in their lives, and I can certainly sympathise with their desire for such an operation, but I don't want to pay for it. If they want help they should ask for it, not claim it as their right.


  1. This government is sick!

  2. Sid, remind me again - what's the difference between taxpayer-funded sex changes, and taxpayer-funded heart surgery?

  3. taxpayer-funded heart surgery saves lives (literally, practically, immediately, and basically)?

  4. Okay. That's the difference to the recipient. What's the difference to those others who are forced to pay for it?

  5. Nothing! Now I'm really sick.


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