Thursday, 1 October 2020

On four-year terms...

"Here's the thing about four-year terms: if you think three-year terms are too short, you can go win another election and then you can have a whole six years. 
    "Three years is tons of time. You can get an entire bachelor's degree in that, with summers off... 
    "New Zealand has almost none of the safeguards other Parliamentary systems have: federalism, an upper house, a supranational court, constitutional judicial review with teeth. 
    "The voting public has already found that too much power for politicians, we've voted twice to keep three year terms (1967 and 1990) and twice for MMP (1993 and 2011), and for a lot of people that was to try to limit the government's power."
          ~ tweeter 'Dialectical Shitposting' this morning

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  1. The public voted to keep MMP in 2011 on the basis that there would be a subsequent review, but when the report was delivered, the Justice Minister (Judith Collins) decided it was too difficult to implement the recommended changes.


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