Friday, 2 October 2020

On the cannabis referendum...

"'I think if you look at the evidence around use in New Zealand which can be harmful, this legislation is well written, puts in protections, and I expect will reduce harm,' [says Dr Richard Medlicott]."
    "Opponents to legalisation say some of those provisions can be put in place without legalising weed, such as better access to health services. The New Zealand Medical Association ... [for example, proposes] a form of decriminalisation, rather than legalisation. Dr Medlicott does not agree with that.
    "'It's kind of a change in the rules that doesn't really go far enough,' Dr Medlicott said.
    "'You'd still have people that want to purchase marijuana going to some pretty dodgy places and mixing with some pretty dodgy characters.'
    "'You'll still have high potency marijuana available, you'll still have it being pushed on the under 20s.'
    "'I don't think decriminalisation is the way, I think legalisation has to be the better option.'"

                ~ Dr Richard Medlicott, the Medical Director at the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, reported in the article 'Doctors speak out against Medical Association's stance on cannabis referendum'

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