Tuesday, 15 October 2019

"Free Speech Under Attack"

Want to hold a book in your hand with my name on the cover?

Oh look, here's a very topical new book you can order ...

Knock yourself out!


  1. The link to the book returns either a page not found or security warnings in Firefox, Chrome, Tor, and chrome based MS Edge.

    1. How curious! Works okay for me in both Chrome and Safari.

      You could try the link at Wheeler's Books (although the cost is a little steeper): https://www.wheelers.co.nz/books/9781872970656-free-speech-under-attack/

    2. I tried to register with Wheelers but the outfit no longer offers access to individuals.

      It doesn't matter. I can reach trosspublishing using my flatmate's pc, or Firefox on my mobile phone. Even Samsung Internet and Chrome (mobile) singles out trosspublishing for special treatment.

      All but one of my web-browsers detect trosspublishing.co.nz using a certificate only valid for www.a1accountants.com.au

    3. Thanks Tony. They're working on it now...


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