Saturday, 20 January 2018

QotD: 'The chief menace of dictatorship...'

"In the democratic creed the State exists for the benefit of the individual. In the Fascist creed the individual exists for the benefit of the State....
...."A fascist leader must find some outlet for the renunciation of individuality to which he has condemned his people... The chief menace of dictatorship (other than to the unfortunate victims of it) lies, as I should have realised, in this: that if a dictator makes a false step, his pride must be saved at any cost to the country; whereas if a Government makes a false step, public opinion can demand a new Government, which will be only too delighted to repudiate the actions of the old one."~ A.A. Milne, from the 1935 introduction to his book 'Peace with Honour'

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