Monday, 22 January 2018

QotD" On "privilege" and John Rawls's "new" theory of (in)justice

"The new 'theory of justice' demands that men counteract the 'injustice' of nature by instituting the most obscenely unthinkable injustice among men: deprive 'those favoured by nature' (i.e., the talented, the intelligent, the creative) of the right to the rewards they produce (i.e., the right to life)—and grant to the incompetent, the stupid, the slothful a right to the effortless enjoyment of the rewards they could not produce, could not imagine, and would not know what to do with... Why should those 'favoured by nature' be made to atone for is not an injustice and is not of their making?...."That this is regarded as a new theory, raises the question of where Mr Rawls's readers and admirers have been for the last thousand years."~ Ayn Rand, in an Untitled Letter -- "the most appropriate title ... would be 'I told you so." But since that would be in somewhat dubious taste, I shall leave it untitled."

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