Friday, 19 January 2018

Bonus Quote of the Day: She's having a baby...

"And as much as I sincerely mean congratulations to the PM, I dread, dread, the coming M.S.M. gushing, it's going to be puke-inspiring, and if there is one, ONE, picture of ruddy Winston holding the baby for a photo op, I am going to puke."
~ Mark Hubbard 

"The good governance of this country should not depend on the constant availability of any one person. If a system breaks down over the temporary absence of a single individual, then that system is not fit for purpose. The prime ministership is not, and should never be, be a single point of failure for the country as a whole."

~ Liam Hehir.


  1. If you have a look at my Twitter timeline after that tweet, I win this one hands down :)

  2. you are sick, peter twisted sick fck...
    They have been wanted a baby and were told they could have a child and you show yoyr TRUE insane and low life nature!!

    Lets face it YOIU want open gates for every somalian kid with Aids and an IQ below 60 , but YOU hate the White european race !!

    1. Which goes to show alt-left and alt-right are indistinguishable:

      Unable to see a principle.

      Deeply racist.

  3. I was thinking about the second quote and why I didn't like it although superficially it makes sense. I decided that I didn't like her applying for the PM job without proper disclosure of divided loyalties. Its disingenuous and I don't much like it so for me its all about principles. PM is a serious role, even for someone like Jacinda who has little idea about running anything and no experience beyond virtue signalling. That's why she's dispensible - there are plenty of other stupid lefties in her team to repeat the doctrines of failure while living it up on the nett tax payer.


    1. I agree that it’s very difficult for a woman to remain focused on an important career outside of home when the hormones, and demands associated with a newborn kick in - however much the feminists try to wish this fact away. ‘Baby brain’ is a phenomena that honest mothers readily acknowledge. Generally either the baby or your career will end up taking a back seat.

      However I disagree this is anything to be concerned about in this case. When it’s a socialist PM with ambitions to take away more of our freedom, I think only good things can come from her being less focused on her career and more on her baby.


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