Thursday, 29 December 2016

#TopTen | No. 10: McCully Dances

This year I wrote and posted 794 posts. (This is the 796th)

Of those, this from November the 3rd was the tenth most popular, which with this week’s shameful work at the UN gains an added relevance…

McCully Dances


Murray McCully is a strategically astute forward-thinking Foreign Minister who always knows how to get things done. 

Actually, no, he’s not. As the Saudi sheep-to-sand deal has always suggested, he’s either incompetent or he’s corrupt. And as the just-released 18-months-in-the-preparation AG report into the deal has just concluded that he is definitely not corrupt (can’t be; the Attorney-General no less says so!), then that only leaves the other alternative. As one wag said yesterday, "’significant shortcomings’ is probably the best performance review Murray's had in ages."

Hearing him yesterday declare Saudi Arabia to be “the gateway for the African continent” only confirms that conclusion about his competence – also suggesting he invest in a better atlas.

McCully’s pandering to Hmood Al Ali Al Khalaf – from sending him millions of dollars, then flying over live sheep, to setting up some kind of “Agrihub” in the middle of the Arabian desert, to who knows what else? – all of this game-playing suggests less a competent minister than someone who has been well played by Mr Al Khalaf. It puts one in mind not so much of a crafty Metternich who “gets the job done” but a small-time Nigerian scammer made by a good scambaiter to be his dupe.

Something like this, with McCully being the retard with the skateboard:



[Cartoon by Emmerson]

Tomorrow, the year’s ninth-most popular post and a question: Are you racist?


  • “But what’s it got to do with Murray McCully and his now very public emails? Well, the little dwarf certainly has no talent, but he sure is a shifty little fuck.  Just shifty enough to make wonder whether anyone really stole them. Just the sort of devious attention-seeker who might think letting his own emails out into the wild might garner him some.”
    No, McCully wasn’t there – NOT PC, 2012
  • 51Xq86lgBvL“[In] 1967, when Israel faced off against neighbouring Arab states. In London, Paris, and other capitals people took to the streets to endorse Israel. Editorials in The Times of London, The Guardian, The Economist, and Time magazine aligned with Israel. So did notable intellectuals and academics; one group even took out an ad spelling out its rationale in the Washington Post.
        “What happened since then to bring about [the] sea change [in which the hosannas of endorsement have transformed into choruses of denunciation]? In [his book] Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, scholar Joshua Muravchik presents a finely textured history that tells how international opinion turned so sharply against Israel.
        “The book’s account lays stress on two key developments, one political, the other intellectual.”
    The Moral High Ground, Usurped – Elan Journo, VOICES FOR REASON
  • “The Israelis and the Palestinians are not morally equal: Israel is the only free country in a region dominated by Arab monarchies, theocracies and dictatorships. It is only the citizens of Israel — Arabs and Jews alike — who enjoy the right to express their views, to criticise their government, to form political parties, to publish private newspapers, to hold free elections. When Arab authorities deny the most basic freedoms to their own people, it is obscene for them to start claiming that Israel is violating the Palestinians’ rights. All Arab citizens who are genuinely concerned with human rights should, as their very first action, seek to oust their own despotic rulers and adopt the type of free society that characterises Israel.”
    Israel Has a Moral Right to Its Life – Yaron Brook & Peter Schwartz, VOICES FOR REASON


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  1. What is with all this islam worship.? So many prominent people from the media to politicians seem to be spellbound by islam. I just don't get what the attraction is to what can only be described as a backward stone age, violent controlling culture that is based on the violation of individual rights and freedoms.The mention of individual rights and freedom, capitalism and freedom of speech , it seems, is now blasphemous.
    I sometimes wonder if many political leaders in the west are envious of the power that the Mullahs have over their people.


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