Thursday, 29 December 2016

Quote of the Day: On feminists and penis envy


“Commanding women to be equal to men, when they are not designed to be equal, has not and cannot result in equality. Anyone sending a woman on a journey to be “equal” to men is sending her on a damning journey. Men and women are different, and this is not something to be ashamed of. The male body is better suited for some things and the female body for others. The completion of an adult, morally achieved woman is not an eternal struggle to be like a man. Women are not deformed males: the female form is complete in and of itself, able to achieve moral completion in its own right. A woman who tries to be “equal” to men will find she can only (not) do it by denying, evading, and damning herself for being a woman. She will become frustrated with, jealous of, and hateful towards men. If you can name anything worse to cause a woman to lose her own sensuality, please do. The result will be that instead of revering men, she will be jealous of men. If any woman can be accused of penis envy, it is a feminist.”
~ Amber Pawlik, from her book Objectivist Sexuality: An Outline for Happily Ever After


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  1. An interesting take on feminism. It presents feminism not as a productive enterprise (as it would be if it were interested in obtaining rights for individuals), but rather as, at best, imitative--not Hank Rearden but rather Wesley Mouche. It's certainly born out by a cursory examination of feminism: they dress like men, try to push their way into fields that are naturally male-dominated (combat, fields requiring substantial strength, etc), and place the primary focus on men. When they can't co-opt some aspect of male life (male friendships, sex, the father/son and father/daughter dynamic, common courtesy and basic manners) they attempt to destroy it--to the point where we have a generation who has no clue what being a man IS.


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