Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Cuba fantasy


Come on, you’ve all heard it said since old Busywhiskers died: “Sure, Fidel Castro was a dictator, but he also gave Cuba literacy, low infant mortality and world class health care” So didn’t socialism worked in that regard at least? Nope. Johan Norberg explains why those numbers don’t add up. Not just wrong, but dead wrong.



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  1. Last time I looked, Cuba's life expectancy and literacy were still above the US - 50 years after the revolution with a much weaker economy. Cuba did really well with very little: the US didn't do as well with rather more.

    The point of freedom is that freedom is worth rather more than life expectancy, literacy, infant mortality etc. Even if everything everyone said about Cuba, Scandinavia, etc was correct, those kind of societies are morally wrong.


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