Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Quote of the Day: The idiocy of ‘identity’ politics


"As a woman...""As a person of colour...""As a member of the LGBT community...""As a  Muslim...""As a (fill in the blank) ..."Stop right there! When someone leans into an argument by listing their identity as a credential, that means their argument was not good enough to stand alone. I see through it and as someone who isn't a fucking idiot it doesn't work on me.  Is the thing true or not? That's all that matters. Whoever you are doesn't.

[Hat tip Brian Flynt‎]


  1. My grave apologies for the absence of apostrophes. As a Grammar Nazi, I am naturally appalled.

  2. What about Redneck. I like to identify as Redneck, and as a member of the Fascists' society. Apostrophe included.

    1. I fear that's all too accurate a description.

  3. Reading this together with your "Bullshit news" post, I'm usually quite appreciative of people stating their slants and biases up front.

    As a data analyst, it allows me to easier weigh your odds of being neutral on the subject at hand.


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