Tuesday, 8 September 2015

But isn’t a Syrian refugee just another mouth to feed?




  1. Steve Jobs was never a refugee. He was adopted at birth by a protestant family. Refugees are different, they come as adults and at least in New Zealand 8 out of 10 remain on welfare 5 years after their settlement. https://www.national.org.nz/news/news/media-releases/detail/2005/08/10/labour's-hypocrisy-on-refugees In Australia it's 9 out of 10 https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/settlement-and-multicultural-affairs/publications/settlement-outcomes-of-new-arrivals In Europe this already astonishing number is even worse. I don't wish to start an argument, but it's not intellectually honest to lump refugees and other types of immigrants. Particularly when massive government aid skews the flow of immigrants and strains the institutions of the receiving countries.

  2. Singling out one individual as an argument in favour of Syrian immigrants is incredibly intellectually dishonest at best. Far more relevant is the Muslim rape-wave that Scandinavia is experiencing.


    But this isn't in favour of the libertarian conclusion so they ignore it. Libertarians have more in common with creationists than they realise.

  3. http://www.dailystormer.com/the-david-duke-show-exposing-the-exterminators-of-european-mankind-wmark-dankof/

    WHITE Europenas better wake up and Wake up FAST, Cresswell is a JEW and along with Perigo were trained at Tavistock. They infiltrated the Libertarian movement long ago .They are globalists.

  4. http://www.dailystormer.com/the-david-duke-show-exposing-the-exterminators-of-european-mankind-wmark-dankof/

    WHITE Europeans better wake up and Wake up FAST, Cresswell is a JEW and along with Perigo were trained at Tavistock. They infiltrated the Libertarian movement long ago .They are globalists.
    The JEW Globalists are destroying EVERY Sovereign Nation, so they can keep Zionist JEW Israel as the Eugenic MARXIST and barbaric Nation it is.with its PRIVATELY owned JEW Federal Reserve bank. the JEW privately owned IMF , WORLD Bank and the BIS...while they GENOCIDE the Palestinians and destroy Europe with JEW MULTICULTURALISM. Much will come out exposing Cresswell and Pergo for who they really are and their REAL background.
    CRESSWELL LOVES ISRAEL and LOVES its Genocide of Palestinians
    The FACTS are all the ENGINEERED Refugee crisis has been CAUSED by the ZIONIST JEW Foreign Policy of the Middle East and North Africa.
    And it coming to NZ...
    LOVE Your own people and embrace Diversity and REAL LIBERTY and FREEDOM , NOT Globalist JEW Zionist Muliticulturalism.
    YOUR Ancestors Died and shed Blood for your Freedoms and JEW SCUM like Cresswell and Perigo (both Tavistock trained ) are part of the problem.
    WAKE UP and think for yourself. Don't just follow these Tavistock agents of change like lemmings.

    A Nation is NOT a sovereign Nation without WALLS to keep the scum out.
    The For fathers of the United States did NOT advocate OPEN immigration. They were VERY decerning about whom should be allowed to enjoy the spoils of our Ancestors hard work and sacrifices and MOST were 100% against ANY immigration.

    CRESSWEL is Scum of the LOWEST KIND. A JEW Infiltrator who LOVES Globalism and LOVES JEW Bankers.

    Be Proud of YOUR Heritage and Ancestors and don't be fooled by the likes of Tavistock scum .

  5. What these so-called immigrants/refugees are bringing to Europe:


  6. An eyewitness account from the Austrian border with Italy. Of course, the above video is in Greece, so it's not an account of the same incident.

    “Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror.This huge mass of people – sorry – but it’s an absolute wilderness … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting “We want Germany”. So what, Germany is now a paradise?

    I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass. My question is- for what purpose? How do they want to assimilate in Germany? For a moment, i felt like in a warzone. I really feel sorry for these people, but if they would reach Poland – I do not think they would receive any understanding from us.

    We spent three hours on the border, but failed to get through. The whole group was later transported back to Italy by the police. The bus is butchered, feces smeared, scratched, broken windows. And this is supposed to be an idea for the demographics? These big powerful hordes?

    Among them there were almost no women and children – the vast majority was aggressive young men. Just yesterday I read the news on all the websites with real compassion, worried about their fate and today after what I saw I am just afraid. And I am happy they do not choose our country as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people – neither culturally nor financially. I do not know if anyone is ready. A giant pathology is approaching the EU, one which we have never seen before. And sorry if anyone is offended by this entry.

    A car with humanitarian aid came. Food and water. They just toppled it and stole everything. With megaphones the Austrians announced a message that there is consensus for them to cross over the border – they wanted to register them and let them go on – but they did not understand these messages. None. And it was all the greatest horror … From those few thousand people nobody understood neither Italian nor English, or German, or Russian, or Spanish … What mattered was the law of the fist.

    They fought for permission to move on, but they were already allowed to do so. They did not understand that! They broke into the French bus – everything was stolen in a short time. Never in my short life, I had no opportunity to watch such scenes and I feel that this is just the beginning. On a final note, it is worth helping, but not at any price.”

  7. More of these wonderful refugees. This time in Budapest. And we are supposed to open the doors to them? This really is just an Islamic invasion of Europe, and if it keeps up it's going to be the end of Europe.


  8. This is JEW FAGGOT TAVISTOCK trained and Fabian Socialist Cresswells and Faggot Perigos DREAM for NewZealand.
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    It JEW Globalism.

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  9. WAKE UP NewZealanders. Cresswell is NOT a TRUE LIBERTARIAN and neither is CRESSWELL, They are Tavistock trained JEW Agents whom took over the the Libertarian party years ago , when it was foundered by EX head of TVNZ (whom is a Fabien socialist and Tavistock trained JEW Globalist).
    This is an INVASION. This is WAR upon YOUR Heritage and YOUR Ancestors by the JEW Globalist Agenda.http://www.dailystormer.com/lesvos-island-burns-illegal-immigrants-riot-golden-dawn-support-skyrockets/

    RESEARCH YOURSELF , that ISRAEL is NOT TAKING IN a SINGLE "refugee" which is BLOWBACK BY THEIR JEW ZIONIST NEOCON WARS.(NEO CON is just a front for JEW Zionist Agendas).

    Faggot JEW Cresswell and his FAGOTT JEW Lover Perigo have NOT Fooled those of us whom are TRUE Libertarians and TRUE beavers in FREEDOM and LIBERTY with Diversification , NOT JEW Globalist Multiculturalism , JEW Free Trade and JEW private Banks (yes the Fed Res, IMF, World Bank and BIS are ALL JEW privately owned banks). Cresswell HATES Ron Paul off course , because Cresswell is NOT whom you think he is.
    Smell a Rat!! If it looks like a jew Globalist and talks lie a jew globalist and talks like a jew globalist and wants a mass invasion to DESTROY White European Heritage , then guaranteed it a Tavistock trained JEW Agent. Don't be fooled by These Scum and think for yourself and do some research YOURSELF and Open YOUR Eyes.

    1. FFS. Cresswell may be lots of things, and I tend agree that while pretending to be a fountain of truth he is selective with facts just like anyone else, but addressing the issues using capitals to shout is pathetic.


  10. I always wondered about both Cresswells.

    Though I've never figured out how neo-Nazis can both hate Jews for Israeli policy towards the Palestinians, but also hate Muslims, I'd have thought the latter would mean complete nonchalance towards the former. Seems a bit like strategic revisionism to me. If you're going to embrace isolationist (and be relaxed about eliminationist) genetic based supremacy, then surely it ought to be absolutist and merciless.

    but seriously, this is about fear vs. benevolence. There are no easy answers, but I am confident the answer is neither open the floodgates, nor build walls and turn them all away.

    1. It isn't about fear versus benevolence. It is about reason versus unreason. The answers are not that difficult if you realise you have something of value to defend. Too few realise the value of what they have, so the floodgates are open and the barbarians are pouring in. Yes, there are those who are genuinely deserving of help, but what help can ultimately be given when what they're fleeing arrives with them? All that can be given is a short term reprieve.

    2. Yes, there does need to be processing. I support steps being taken to extract unaccompanied minors from the refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan for starters. However, I'd say that the likelihood that Islamists would flee those fighting for what they want, is fairly slim. The problems come down to:

      - Who else is coming, motivated by the welfare states of Europe (not so much benefits, but housing, education, healthcare) from the likes of Pakistan and Africa. Although many do want to work, they also know they'll get housed, medical treatment and education for their children, paid for by others. Ending this, by such services being fully user pays for non-refugees, and time limited availability for refugees (donations welcome), would help to stem this. Unless this is addressed, the flow will never stop even after the war is over.

      - Integrating those with different values. Generosity tends to promote people being grateful and loyal to those who have been generous to them. Most European states are shy about expressing any sense of proud values of individual freedom, secularism and tolerance. All who come must sign up to this. Unfortunately, many European countries have tolerated migrants in the past who reject this. That toxic influence is likely to feed off of the vulnerable.

      - The inevitable inclusion of those with criminal intent (and terrorists intent) in the refugee waves. Without any border control, monitoring of suspect individuals is almost impossible. Given the desire of more than a few from ISIS to engage in attacks across Europe, the chaos enables this threat to enter with little difficulty.

      Finally, how about addressing some of the root causes? There is NO policy about sanctions against the north Korea of Africa - Eritrea. The illiberal anti-colonialists cheered when it got independence, and the first and only leader took charge and has banned foreign media and enslaves all young people into the army when they come of age. Eritreans are a disproportionate number of those from Africa, but this is ignored.

      Policy on Syria is erratic, reactive and confused. A no fly zone to stop the Assad regime using air power (and chemicals) against towns under the control of moderate opposition forces, may reduce the destruction, death and drive to leave. Accepting that the West owes Iraq, given what it started there, to help it control its borders and remove ISIS, whilst insisting on non-sectarian govt in Iraq. Cut and run Obama has left Iraq to Iran and its Shi'a sectarianism (and the Kurds largely on their own). Most of all, cut off the supply chain that feeds ISIS, financially and militarily.

      A strategy would be nice. There is none now, in part because Obama isn't really interested, the UK is led by a pragmatic reactive populist with a small majority, France is already deeply involved in containing Islamism in some of its former African colonies and so NATO is rudderless on all of this. The default will be Putin helping Assad to gain control through brutally wiping out populations not under his control. That wont stem the flow of refugees and will increase recruitment for ISIS.

      Meanwhile, the refugee crisis contains risks and opportunities, the difficulty is that it is not always easy to tell who is what.

  11. Do you like the quality of the folk who carry your banner, Richard, Barry etc.?

    1. He doesn't carry my banner, and he isn't worth responding to. Scott is closest to my position.

  12. Point of the short post (being so short since even a child could grasp it) that migrants are not mouths to feed, they have brains that can produce miracles.
    Anyone moaning miserably using technology made by Apple might like to contemplate that before putting their foot in someone else's mouth.

    1. I know you're well aware of how backwards Islam is. But the open-door immigration component of the ideology you subscribe to clearly overrides common sense on Islamic immigration.

      You ignore the appalling statistics concerning Muslim men in places such as Sweden because there's an outside chance one of them might produce a 'miracle'.

      And you wonder why Libertarianz polled below the margin of error.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVKGRB3cygg

    Cresswell is a FAGGOT and a LIAR of the LOWEST form.

  14. Richard / Barry - You need to have more confidence in the western civilisation you profess to believe in. If it's as weak as you seem to think we're fucked regardless, immigrants or no immigrants.

    1. If I didn't think there was something to defend, then I wouldn't be concerned would I. A value, any value, isn't a default state, but lots of people act as if it is.

    2. I don't doubt you value the west - but you remind me of an over-protective (and slightly paranoid) parent who tries to wrap their child in cotton wall, thinking it's the best thing for them. Just as that's not best for the child, trying to erect a fortress around the west is not best for us either.

      Yes, there are evil scumbags out there who want to kill us because we don't believe in their god - and we should be doing everything we can to defeat them. But you don't defeat them by closing the doors on their victims. You make the enemy stronger by doing this, not weaker.

      You also give our enemies far too much credit, and under-rate the power of western values. Islam when taken to it's literal and logical conclusion is barbaric, no doubt about it. But so is Christianity. Christianity is no longer a threat only because it was forced into an accommodation with scientific enlightenment values, so that today most Christians don't take their creed literally. When given the choice of thriving in the modern world versus taking your creed literally, the vast majority will choose the former. We will win that competition 99% of the time. It's Islam that is weakened by (non-violent) Muslims coming to the West - because they become 'corrupted' by being exposed to our better ideas.

      In history there's been no civilisation that has thrived by locking itself away from the rest of the world and becoming a fortress. Likewise there's been no authoritarian or religious backwater that can survive the onslaught of a better philosophy when there's free movement of people. Limit free movement - and you're empowering Islam and weakening the west - just as wrapping a child in cotton wool and overly limiting their activities ultimately weakens the child.

    3. "because they become 'corrupted' by being exposed to our better ideas"

      Wishful thinking in the extreme. It may apply if a Muslim community in a western country is very small, but certainly not to large scale Arab immigration. As we've already seen in Europe; the larger the Islamic community, the larger the radical Islamic community. London has clerics (and their followers) openly advocating the downfall of western society. They expect their adopted homeland to subscribe to Islam, not the other way around.

      It's not a choice between an open door and a fortress, but if it were I'm sure a fortress would be preferable to all the Swedish women raped by Arab immigrants. Look at the statistics FFS.

      Your argument is idealism over common sense.

    4. " you remind me of an over-protective (and slightly paranoid) parent who tries to wrap their child in cotton wall, thinking it's the best thing for them. Just as that's not best for the child, trying to erect a fortress around the west is not best for us either. as that's not best for the child, trying to erect a fortress around the west is not best for us either."

      I'm not an isolationist and haven't advocated it. I'm 100% libertarian so, likewise, I don't wish to wrap anyone in cotton wool. I believe in zero taxation, voluntarily funded government, government limited to it's proper functions, and people standing or falling on their own two feet. Unlike most libertarians though, I do not see rights as intrinsic. A free-society is something to be selfishly achieved and then held. It isn't an academic exercise, but something as concrete as the house that you live in. Open the front doors to your house to one and all, and pretty soon you will no house. Likewise with a nation, or country. Open the borders as a free for all, and you may as well not have a country. I want rationally controlled, borders, not a fortress. The more barbarians that seek to get in, the tighter you need to control them. If everyone in the world respected property rights and the rule of law, then you could be extremely loose in border controls.

      As for my supposed paranoia, you say that because you clearly don't know the depth and breadth of the global jihad. You underestimate it. I have a rational and reasonable fear of Islam and its current ascension.

      "Yes, there are evil scumbags out there who want to kill us because we don't believe in their god - and we should be doing everything we can to defeat them. But you don't defeat them by closing the doors on their victims."

      This is naive on your part. Yes, there are victims, but the vast majority flooding in are not victims. They are opportunistic Muslims out for whatever they can get. Islamic state back in February said that they were going to flood Europe with refugees bringing fighters in with them. This is exactly what is happening. This open door policy is not making Europe a better place, but a far more dangerous place.

      "You make the enemy stronger by doing this, not weaker."

      Yeah, right. And filling the country up with Mohammadens makes Europe stronger.

      "Christianity is no longer a threat only because it was forced into an accommodation with scientific enlightenment values,"

      And you are doing precisely what, to force Mohammedans to adopt enlightenment values? Absolutely nothing. You are arguing the case to allow them to flood into Europe when there is a war against Europe by Mohammedans.

    5. "Look at the statistics FFS." You know, Barry, I wasted time I don't have to check your fetid claim, and it's just garbage. Utter garbage. Worse, the garbage is being pedded on a small number of white supremacist websites (no, I kid you not) and then spread by useful idiots like you who believe what you want to believe. Yhe story is actually nothing like you tell it.

      "In 2014, 20,300 sexual offences were reported in Sweden. 6,700 of these offences were classed as rape. Changes in Swedish legislation have led to more crimes now being viewed as rape. In the Swedish Crime Survey, 1.3 per cent reported that they were the victim of a sexual offence in 2013."

      What changes?

      ""In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics," says [Klara Selin, a sociologist at the National Council for Crime Prevention in Stockholm].
      "So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record - one victim, one type of crime, one record."
      The thing is, the number of reported rapes has been going up in Sweden - it's almost trebled in just the last seven years. In 2003, about 2,200 offences were reported by the police, compared to nearly 6,000 in 2010.
      So something's going on.
      But Klara Selin says the statistics don't represent a major crime epidemic, rather a shift in attitudes. The public debate about this sort of crime in Sweden over the past two decades has had the effect of raising awareness, she says, and encouraging women to go to the police if they have been attacked...
      ""But the major explanation is partly that people go to the police more often, but also the fact that in 2005 there has been reform in the sex crime legislation, which made the legal definition of rape much wider than before."

      And guess what.

      So this means that 1 report from 1 woman in Sweden could count as 300 or more “rapes” in their rape statistics, depending on how many times the victim claims they were “raped”.

      In 2009 according to the Sweden Democrats there were only 253 rape cases (the number of rape cases would tell us the number of rapes if Sweden would’ve had regular rape counting laws), meaning that Sweden’s reported rape rate would only be around 2.7 per 100,000 if they had normal rape counting laws (which is more than 94% lower than the current rate that appears in their rape statistics).

      – All of the objective crime statistics in Sweden that are difficult to falsely report like the murder rate and car thefts have decreased or remained constant

      – Sweden’s murder rate in 2011 with more Muslim immigration has decreased to 0.86, it’s the lowest murder rate in decades for Sweden and one of the lowest in all of Sweden history, so Sweden’s murder rate is lower than all 50 US states in 2011 and almost every country in the entire world. The murder rate in Sweden was much higher in the 1990s when there was much less Muslim immigration. From the murder rate we know that the type of “rapes” and “crime” in Sweden must not be lethal (Source: http://www.bra.se/bra/brott–statistik/mord-och-drap.html )

      Did you get those last lines, Barry? "Sweden’s murder rate in 2011 with more Muslim immigration has decreased to 0.86, it’s the lowest murder rate in decades for Sweden and one of the lowest in all of Sweden history." And the only reason rape has "risen" is due to a change in the way rape is recorded.

      So you can either stop peddling white supremacist lies. Or you can run away and go fuck yourself.

      Up to you.

    6. It is not really the number of rapes that matters, but the ratio of muslim to non-muslim perpetrators. When you have Imams who teach young muslim males that uncovered women are akin to meat left out for the dogs, and a religion that teaches that women are inferior to men, it is not going get better for women in Sweden, or anywhere, if that mentality is imported. This is simply a mathematical certainty. And there is nothing nazi that.

    7. Right. So you're happy to just make up your facts then. Glad we have that straight.

    8. Umm, no. I haven't said anything one way or the other. I haven't even looked into what you've posted. I did notice he called it a hypothesis. I do note that he is an Atheistphobe. And which race is Islam again? I haven't investigated what the facts are. I'm just pointing out that the ratio between perpetrators would probably be more telling than the total number of rapes. If Muslims indeed do make up 77.6 percent of rape cases, as some sites claim, then it says something. It seems to me that confirmation bias might apply to you, Peter, just as much as you it does to Barry.

    9. Peter, the fetid and politically incorrect nature of Muslim rape stats is why they are not reported by the MSM. That leaves blogs and extremist websites.

      The reason you had to spend so much time researching the statistics is because you couldn't find any evidence that proved Arab immigration has not in fact caused a massive spike in rapes in Scandinavian countries (yes the other Scandinavian countries have the same problem, not just Sweden). Here is some more evidence that won't agree with your confirmation bias filter:


      In the end you had to settle for a politician explaining why Sweden's total rape stats are higher than other countries. Which is, of course, a separate issue. If 8/10 rapes are committed by a minority immigrant group, there is a hell of a problem. But according to your logic, we can ignore the Muslim immigrant rape stats as long as there is not also a spike in murders!

      If you don't like being corrected, then put down the Kool Aid and accept the facts.

    10. Barry, you said, "Peter, the fetid and politically incorrect nature of Muslim rape stats is why they are not reported by the MSM."

      No, what I linked you to was the actual crime stats, which are being reported.

      If you don't like the actual facts, you can't just make up your own.

    11. Richard said, " I haven't investigated what the facts are. I'm just pointing out ..."

      You know what Richard, you and your friend raised these alleged facts. So live with the actual facts, which give precisely zero support to your fetid claims.

    12. The actual crime stats show a rape epidemic by Muslim immigrants across Scandinavia. You can't accept this because you subscribe to open immigration dogma. You argue like a Christian who has been presented with fossils.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. No Barry, they don't.

      I've sent you to the official crime stats. I've explained them. If you prefer the alleged evidence of your white supremacist sites than no-one can help you.

      The fact is that if this this the best evidence you can muster, then you have no evidence. Either way, my conversation with you here is over.

    15. Your "official" stats made no mention of the proportion of rapes committed by Arab immigrants. I already explained this to you. But you keep sticking your head in the sand if it helps you cope.

    16. I didn't raise the rape issue. Barry did.

    17. The stats don't actually tell us much. For example, how many instances are there of a woman claiming rape 300 times by the same man? Are there any? What are the number of rape claims that actually don't fit a proper definition of rape? It would be better to see a breakdown of cases, convictions, and acquittals. That would actually tell us something.

    18. "Since 2000, there has only been one research report on immigrant crime. It was done in 2006 by Ann-Christine Hjelm from Karlstads University.

      "It emerged that in 2002, 85% of those sentenced to at least two years in prison for rape in Svea Hovrätt, a court of appeals, were foreign born or second-generation immigrants."


  15. And it isn't even an really open door policy. Europe is simply showing itself to be impotent.

  16. Barry, Richard. The whole issue of sex crime in Scandinavia is far more complex than the narrative here, which is not just full of contrived statistics from white supremacist/ultra-nationalist organisations, but also conceals a more pervasive issue of social attitudes among the "indigenous" population. None of those concerned about immigrant rape ever talk about how Sweden was one of the last countries in Europe to prohibit child pornography, and had a thriving, open industry in making videos and magazines of children being sexually abused, all of whom were indigenous. The industry was thriving into the 1980s, the laws did not catch up, in terms of enforcement until around the turn of the century. The late Stieg Larsson is perhaps the best known author who has explored this dark side to Scandinavian cultures. More importantly, anyone who thinks there is anything called an accurate statistic on rape (a crime which, by its very nature, is almost never witnessed and is often not reported) is deluded. There are reported rapes, and what's important is definition. As many as a third of those discovered to have produced child pornography in Britain today, are themselves legally children, like the boy who sent a nude photo of himself to his girlfriend. He's now a sex offender, even worse a child sex offender who has committed an offence involving a minor - himself. This whole area is full of people with agendas, it helps to try to stand back and be wary of them.

    I am NOT saying there aren't issues with locations with populations of people from predominantly Muslim parts of the world, as has been seen in the UK. The issue mainly being that Police and local authorities turned a blind eye to Muslim men (many of whom were born in the UK) sexually abusing young girls, in part because they were scared of being accused of racism (because the main thread in this abuse was a deep misogyny towards mostly British girls) and because they themselves regarded the girls as trash who were "kind of asking" to be passed around at the age of 12 like sex toys, even though in many instances they were in the care of the Council. These are issues that come not from new migrants, but from the abject failure of the cultural relativism of multiculturalism and the moral bankruptcy of identity politics worshipping politicians (and officials). There are also certainly parts of the UK, changed beyond recognition by mass migration, which has NOT involved integration and them adopting the values, laws and norms of the UK, but by demanding their own. Parts of Bradford come to mind, whereby local authorities end permission for womens' hockey matches in a park, because it offends the local Muslim population, where campaigns to remove licenses from pubs occur and informal "shariah police" (gangs of vigilantes) wander around telling women to cover up.

    So there IS an issue, but there is also an opportunity. The US does this far better than the UK (or indeed most European countries, although France is starting to stand up), because migrating to the USA is about signing up to a set of values and ideas, and if you don't like it, then off you go.

    1. I'm really not interested in the complexities of the rape statistics, Scott. It isn't the issue for me. That one video that Barry just posted, along with the mountains of anecdotal evidence that exists, is more than enough for me to know that there is a problem, and that adding to the problem will only worsen it. You yourself admit there is a problem. I don't agree with you about the US. The problems that come with Muslims are evident over there too. That it is not to the same degree is to do with the numbers, but the same problems do exist.

      The bottom line here is that we are at war. That fact should be paramount in the decision making. I see that Hungary are making moves to deploy troops along its southern border, and are speeding up construction of the border fence. They realise what is at stake. Germany, on the other hand, is ensuring that more and more will come. Unless people start following Hungary's example fast, it will be all but over for Europe.

  17. Invaders throwing away food that Austrian police have given them.



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