Saturday, 29 October 2016

“Yes, reopening the investigation looks bad for Hillary, but…”


Folk are celebrating that with the FBI reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, the fat lady is about to sing for her in an enticing orange-coloured jump suit.

Not so fast. Note that James Comey’s announcement was made late on a Friday afternoon, precisely at the time when news is best buried. And as a commentator with a few smarts and a bucket of very cold water points out:

You guys have to understand what is going on.
    In the course of the investigation into Anthony Weiner's sexting, the FBI came across emails that are incriminating to Hillary. All of Hillary's emails are subject to release based on both numerous FOIA requests and a lawsuit by Judicial Watch. Indeed there is a court order in the latter case to release them. So if you are James Comey, and have found incriminating emails to or from Hillary, how do you get around the requirement to release them immediately? After all, you need only hold onto them for another two weeks. Well, you reopen the investigation into Hillary's emails. Now the incriminating emails can be held secret since they are "part of an ongoing investigation." The investigation can now proceed, and all of these emails can be kept out of the public eye until after the election. The "investigation" can conclude at some point in the far future with the same illegal standard of "no intent to break the law" as the previous investigation.
    Yes, reopening the investigation looks bad for Hillary, for those few people who are paying attention to this sort of thing. But reopening the investigation was a much better option than having to release whatever was found in response to an active court order.

Still hopeful now?



  1. It's the election Clinton must lose and Trump must not win.

    I've been reading some of Trump's policy. Dreadful. A 35% tariff on imports of all US firms who've gone offshore to compete in world market because of high tax rates in US.

    The Republic is so dead and buried.

    1. Will it be implemented? A Trump win, even with the bad economic policy, is still preferable to Hillary. Much more important in my opinion is the pro-American stance of Trump over the anti-American stance of Hillary.

  2. Trump was going to win anyway, even without reopening investigations on Hillary.


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